According to the MPAA around 600 movies are made in Hollywood every year so, understandably, it’s difficult to know what to watch and when. Sorting through all the epic flops, sleeper hits, and esoteric independent features is a daunting task for even the most experienced movie-goer. Emagine now has a solution.

Meet Mara Reinstein, your own personal guide to anything and everything cinematic. If that name sounds familiar, don’t be surprised. Mara is a Detroit-native and has been a renowned movie critic for 15 years, writing for such publications as Us WeeklyParade, and Rotten Tomatoes. You may have even seen a few of her blurbs on a movie poster, trailer or packaging.

So if you want a solid recommendation for a theatrical release, looking for the skinny on some upcoming films or just talk some shop about your favorite movies – just ask Mara.

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