Code of Conduct

Common Courtesy

In order to ensure that every Emagine guest enjoys an outstanding movie-going experience, and to enhance the quality and cleanliness of this venue, those entering the premises agree to conduct themselves pursuant to the following policies as a condition of admittance:

  • No person 15 years old or younger will be admitted without a parent or guardian for any show beginning after 9 p.m.
  • No children 6 years old or younger will be admitted to any “R” rated film.

Inside an auditorium, no guest shall…

  • Talk or communicate in any manner that disturbs other guests
  • Use a cell phone or pager, engage in text messaging, or use any other electronic device (Bluetooth, portable gaming device, etc.)
  • Place one’s feet or shoes on any portion of a seat whether his/her own or on an adjacent seat
  • Kick or push another guest’s seat
  • Use Electronic Cigarettes
  • Patrons can only hold seats for as many tickets as they have purchased
  • Run in aisle ways, hallways, or staircases (this rule applies to the lobby, as well)
  • Allow small children to cry, misbehave, or cause any other form of disturbance
  • Bring in outside food or beverages
  • Dispose of chewing gum other than in a waste receptacle
  • Record, via any means, the presentation on the screen
  • Dress in an inappropriate manner, as determined in the sole and exclusive judgement of Emagine management.

Failure, of any guest, to abide by such code of conduct shall be cause for immediate expulsion from the premises. Under such circumstances, no refund will be granted. Moreover, should a guest fail to follow the direction of an usher or manager seeking to enforce one or more of the aforementioned policies, law enforcement officials will be summoned to remove the person from the premises.

The purchase of a ticket shall constitute acceptance of the aforementioned policies. If you are unable or unwilling to adhere to these policies, we respectfully ask that you patronize another theatre.