We are excited to announce our brand-new Quesadillas and Pizzas! You don’t have to dine at a 5-star restaurant to indulge in great tasting food. These enhanced menu items can be devoured in the theatre, right from your seat.


Stop by our “E-Bars” before you head to your seat and support local breweries with a beer from regional companies like Atwater, Shorts, Bell’s, Founders, & more. We switch it up with the seasons.

See Beer Lists by Location

Sure, we offer regular popcorn too. But if you are looking for a healthier option with just as much flavor, try OlivEpop, a special blend of 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and dressed with sea salt. *Only available at Michigan and Illinois locations.

Order your favorite specialty drink or give one of our monthly movie & drink pairings a try. Every month we offer specially themed cocktail and wines, matching that month’s big movie! All of our drinks are creative and are sure to impress you as much in your movie seat as in a fancy restaurant.

Emagine concessions are introducing Coke Freestyle machines to increase your drink options and experience! Available at select locations. connect to a Freestyle machine using the CCFS app, find machines near you, get special offers at your favorite locations, save your favorite drinks, and more!

Emagine concessions also feature an array of candy and snacks that pair perfectly with the glow of the silver screen. Satisfy your sweet tooth with Sour Patch Kids, Milk Duds, Buncha Crunch and much more.