Emagine Alters Teen Admission Policy At Birmingham Palladium

(Troy, Michigan – November 19, 2015) Michigan owned and operated Emagine Entertainment, Inc. is pleased to announce that, in response to criticism of its teen admission standards at Emagine Palladium, it will slightly alter its policy effective immediately.

In response to the misbehavior of certain teens at its venue on Saturday evening, October 3rd, Emagine Palladium implemented a policy requiring persons under 18 to be accompanied by an adult or the unaccompanied minor be a child of a Platinum Member. The premise was that members’ children were bound to Emagine’s “Common Courtesy Code of Conduct” as a condition of membership. The terms thereof provide for revocation of membership (without refund) for misbehavior. A major  underpinning of  the policy was to simply ensure that Emagine’s guests enjoy the very best moviegoing experience in the marketplace. Shortly thereafter, management’s intentions were misconstrued and certain individuals wrongly suggested that Emagine’s policy constituted discrimination. Renowned Wayne State University constitutional law professor, Robert Sedler, noted that Emagine was well within its rights to implement such a policy and that the courts would likely uphold its position.

Notwithstanding the confidence of management in its position, Emagine’s leadership has, in an effort to address the concerns expressed by its critics, altered its policy to reinforce its commitment to welcoming guests of all ages. Accordingly, teenagers of non-members are now welcome to attend unaccompanied by an adult provided that the individual has been authorized to do so and the teen’s parent or legal guardian accepts responsibility for the behavior of his/her child. Emagine CEO, Paul Glantz, notes “all we have ever sought to do is to operate the venue in a genteel and civilized fashion free  of misbehavior and untoward disturbances perpetrated on innocent guests. Our new  policy gives us confidence that we’ll achieve that goal by requiring that a non-member teen’s parent accept responsibility for his/her child’s behavior in our venue.” Much like the contract a parent would sign allowing an underage person to participate in sporting activities, Emagine’s Parental Authorization and Agreement (copy attached) delineates the expectations for a guest’s behavior and places the responsibility for adherence with such standards on a responsible adult. (Individuals 18 and over are not required to sign such an acknowledgement as societal norms recognize that an adult is responsible for his/her own behavior and it is well established in law that minors can be treated differently than adults.)

Parents are welcome to download Emagine’s Parental Authorization and Agreement, complete and sign it where noted, and send it along with his/her teen to the theatre. The contract can be found at:


Alternatively, parents can stop by and sign in person. Noting that the opening of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 is upon us, Mr. Glantz further noted “we look forward to serving a large contingent of well-behaved young people.”

Emagine Palladium is open to the public daily. It is located at 209 Hamilton Row, Birmingham, MI 48009. The venue has been recognized as one of the most upscale and  luxurious movie theatres in Southeast Michigan. Offering the latest in technology and the finest in creature comforts, this neighborhood cinema offers discerning consumers an outstanding value proposition. Emagine’s Platinum Membership program, which is unique to Emagine Palladium, offers guests an array of amenities. Foremost of among those features is  a  seat license allowing members the first right of refusal to choose their seats to a particular film and showtime.



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Emagine Entertainment’s affiliates own and operate Cinema Hollywood in Birch Run, Clio Square Cinema in Clio, Emagine Theatres of Canton, Novi, Woodhaven, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, Macomb Twp., Birmingham (Palladium) as well as Star Lanes at Emagine Royal Oak. Emagine operates theatres with a combined 11,000 seats and 94 screens. Emagine enjoys the honor and distinction of being named “Best Movie Theatre” for several years running by the Detroit Free Press, the Detroit News, and WDIV.

Emagine is a recognized innovator in the theatrical exhibition industry having been the first theatre chain in the world to convert to 100% digital projection. In 1997, Cinema Hollywood was the first theatre in Michigan to open with all stadium seating. Paul

Glantz, the co-founder and chairman of Emagine Entertainment has been interviewed on CNN concerning his views and opinions on the operation of luxury theatres. Emagine has created 5th Avenue, an all luxury auditorium in Emagine Novi. It also offers luxury seating sections in most of its auditoriums, reserved seating, and other upscale amenities such as valet parking. All Emagine theatres offer adult patrons the option of enjoying  their favorite cocktail, beer or wine. Emagine is also in the midst of rolling-out enhanced cuisine at all of its locations.

Emagine Entertainment has an excellent management team that maintains a high standard of customer service and a fastidious attention to cleanliness in its theatres. Emagine’s management team has established themselves as recognized leaders in quality and in providing their guests with the best possible movie-going experience.




I  am  the  parent  of                                                                                  .     I  hereby  authorize  my child(ren) to attend movies at Emagine theaters at any time. I agree to be responsible for the conduct of my child(ren) as set forth in Emagine’s Common Courtesy Code of Conduct. In the event my child(ren) is/are expelled from the theater for failure to abide by said policy, I agree that I will be responsible for the cost of physical damages, if any, caused by my child(ren) to Emagine property. I understand and agree that Emagine may contact me to verify the information set forth below.


In order to ensure that every Emagine guest enjoys an outstanding movie-going experience, and to enhance the quality and cleanliness of Emagine’s venues, those entering the premises agree to conduct themselves  pursuant to the following policies as a condition of admittance:

Inside an auditorium, no guest shall:

  • Talk or communicate in any manner that disturbs other guests
  • Use a cell phone or pager, engage in text messaging, or use any other electronic device (Bluetooth, portable gaming device, )
  • Place one’s feet or shoes on any portion of a seat whether his/her own or on an adjacent seat
  • Kick or push another guest’s seat
  • Use electronic cigarettes
  • Occupy or reserve seats they have not purchased
  • Run in aisle ways, hallways, or staircases (this rule applies to the lobby, as well)
  • Allow small children to cry, misbehave, or cause any other form of disturbance
  • Bring in outside food or beverages
  • Dispose of chewing gum other than in a waste receptacle
  • Record, via any means, the presentation on the screen
  • Dress in an inappropriate manner as determined in the sole and exclusive judgment of Emagine management

Failure, of any guest, to abide by such code of conduct shall be cause for immediate expulsion from the premises and revocation of one’s authorization to attend movies. Under such circumstances, no refund will be granted. Moreover, should a guest fail to follow the direction of an usher or manager seeking to enforce one or more of the aforementioned policies, law enforcement officials may be summoned to remove the person from the premises. The purchase of a ticket shall constitute acceptance of the aforementioned policies. If you are unable or unwilling to adhere to these policies, we respectfully ask that you patronize another theatre.

I understand that Emagine may contact me if my child(ren) violate the Code of Conduct, are expelled, or damage Emagine’s property, and that Emagine may thereafter bar my children from the premises. Further, I understand that Emagine has reserved the right to change its policies at any time.  By signing this authorization, I grant Emagine permission to include me in its free loyalty program thereby allowing Emagine to confirm the identity of my child(ren) by loyalty or phone number. I understand that I can opt out of all email communications related to Emagine’s “Extras” program. I also agree and understand that Emagine may use the phone number below to confirm this Authorization and Agreement or contact me about my children.


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