Emagine Partners with Centria Autism Services to present an “Autism Friendly Movies” Program

For many families going to the movies is as easy as picking a film, day and time. For families that include a child with autism or special needs, going to a movie is not that easy.

Centria Autism Services and Emagine Entertainment Theatres, both in Novi, have partnered to make going to the movies a reality for many families. The autism-friendly movie events are designed with the children’s needs in mind, and provide an autism therapy and behavior specialist at each showing.

The specialist will answer questions parents might have and provide helpful suggestions and techniques to make the experience more enjoyable. Also, the staff at Emagine Theatre in Novi has participated in an autism awareness-training program to learn more about what autism is and some of the challenges that individuals with autism might experience while attending a movie.

Centria’s goal in developing this movie-going experience is to help families develop skills and coping abilities to get to the point where they are able to confidently go to the movies anytime.

The program is offered on the first and third Saturdays of the month, exclusively at Emagine Theatre in Novi, on 12 Mile Road near I-96.

The movies are open to any child, teen, and adult with special challenges and their friends and family. The sensory friendly movie will include brighter theatre lights than normal and the sound will be turned down.

Families with food allergies are encouraged to bring their own snack foods for their children. The audience will have the ability to get up, move and make noise during the movie.

“The number of families (and kids) who came up to tell us that this was the first time their child had made it through a movie or the first time their whole family had been able to go to a movie together was … well, it was pretty awesome,” said Steve Bockmann, Outreach and Engagement for Centria Autism Services.

– By Darcell Brown, For Digital First Media, sourced from Daily Tribune Entertainment