Isle Royale double feature


This double feature of two mid-length documentaries is the first return engagement for a sold-out screening at the 2016 Freep Film Festival. "Predator/Prey: The Fight for Isle Royale Wolves," directed by the Free Press' Brian Kaufman, explores how the fragile ecosystem of Isle Royale National Park is dominated by the predator-prey relationship between wolves and moose. With wolves dwindling and moose booming, the National Park Service must decide how to manage these iconic species in a time when climate change threatens to undermine both. "Fifty Lakes One Island" is the result of Chicago filmmaker George Desort spending 80 nights on the Lake Superior island. Traveling alone with his camera equipment and as much food as he could fit into his kayak, Desort explored the rugged terrain of Isle Royale, creating a film built on breathtaking footage and personal, unvarnished storytelling. "Predator/Prey": 2016. 37 min. Directed by Brian Kaufman. "Fifty Lakes One Island": 2013. Directed by George Desort.

This movie is not yet showing.