Theatre Policies

In order to ensure that every Emagine guest enjoys an outstanding movie-going experience, those entering the premises agree to conduct themselves pursuant to the following theatre policies as a condition of admittance:

No person 15 years old or younger will be admitted after 9 p.m. unless they are accompanied by a parent or Adult Guardian who agrees to be responsible for the conduct and safety of the underage guest.

Guests must be 17+ with valid ID to see an R-rated feature without a parent or guardian. No children 6 years old or younger will be admitted to any “R” rated film.

Inside an auditorium, no guest shall…

  • Talk or communicate in any manner that disturbs other guests
  • Use a cell phone or pager, engage in text messaging or use any other electronic device (Bluetooth, portable gaming device, etc.)
  • Place one’s feet or shoes on any portion of a seat whether his/her own or on an adjacent seat
  • Kick or push another guest’s seat
  • Use electronic cigarettes anywhere in the building
  • Occupy or reserve seats they have not purchased
  • Run in aisles, hallways or staircases (this rule applies to the lobby as well)
  • Bring in outside food or beverages
  • Allow small children to cry, misbehave or cause any form of disturbance*
  • Dispose of chewing gum other than in a waste receptacle
  • Record, via any means, the presentation on the screen
  • Dress in an inappropriate manner, as determined in the sole and exclusive judgment of Emagine management
  • Be allowed to bring a large purse, bag or backpack in the auditorium
  • Wear hoodies with the hoods up

If you follow the rules, everyone wins. Remember, breaking the rules voids your chance of any refund.

*Held by an adult (lap child). If the child requires a separate seat, a separate ticket must be purchased.