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Christmas Coupon

NR 1 hr 33 mins Special Event

Alison Grant, a former figure skating champion, teaches skating lessons to children at her hometown arena. As the business fails, she is let go from the job, so she decides to teach skating on a friend’s frozen pond. To spread the word about the new classes, Alison and her nieces hand out “Christmas Coupons” offering a discount to attract students. On the first day of class, her old high school sweetheart, a now famous hockey player, Ivan Hall, unexpectedly shows up when he brings his niece for the skating lessons. Alison and Ivan had planned to spend life together. Her heartbreak following his sudden disappearance after graduation took years to overcome and she is still single, but has finally started dating someone else. At first, a very cold reunion ensues, but inevitably, Alison slowly warms up to Ivan again.