Every Monday night at Willow Creek, we venture into the macabre with cult classics and obscure gems pulled from the dusty tombs. These screenings are presented each week with a curated pre-show, vintage trailers, and an intro to give context about why the film is unique and worthy of cult status. Join us but prepare to have your mind melted!

Featured Films

Pirana {1978} poster image

Pirana {1978}

R 1 hr 32 mins
We should all be thankful for Steven Spielberg. If it wasn’t for him, no JAWS. And if it wasn’t for JAWS, no PIRANHA. And if...
The Beyond {1981} poster image

The Beyond {1981}

R 1 hr 28 mins
A young woman inherits an old hotel in Louisiana where, following a series of supernatural “accidents”, she learns that the...
Surf Nazis Must Die {1987} poster image

Surf Nazis Must Die {1987}

R 1 hr 23 mins
“Pure Troma fun and sleaze.” – Gabriel Jewett, LETTERBOXD Restoration courtesy of Troma Entertainment and the American Genre Film...
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Demon Wind {1990} poster image

Demon Wind {1990}

R 1 hr 36 mins
Taking equal inspiration from THE EVIL DEAD and the visual aesthetics of ‘80s Fulci, Charles Philip Moore’s DEMON WIND is a...
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