Combat Wombat

NR 1 hr 30 mins Animated

On the outskirts of Sanctuary City lives Maggie Diggins, a cantankerous wombat left at odds with society who, after a tragic digging accident resulted in the disappearance of her husband, now lives out a solitary existence in her cosy burrow.
On a midnight chocolate run to the convenience store, she unwittingly stops an altercation between a gang of Drop Bears and a young sugar glider with a one-two punch from her powerful rump. The superhero obsessed sugar glider, named Sweetie, marvels over Maggie’s bootylicious crime fighting antics and she is thrust into the limelight as township’s newest superhero.
Spurred on by Sweetie, Maggie takes on a new alias as “Combat Wombat”, a friendly, yet fierce female crime fighter, who immediately wins over the city’s people. However, not everyone is happy to welcome this newcomer and she soon finds herself ruffling the feathers of previous town superhero, Flightless Feather; a capable, yet conceited cassowary. As Flightless hatches a plan for Maggie’s demise, she uncovers a massive conspiracy surrounding him that will put the city in grave danger. Using her curmudgeonly courage, it’s a race
against time for Maggie and her bushy-tailed sidekick, Sweetie, to reveal the truth and save the city.