Dave Hollis: Built Through Courage

PG13 2 hrs 00 mins Special Event

All of us have been placed on this earth by a creator who placed us here with extraordinary intention. Each of us given gifts, unique ways of thinking, feeling, loving and experiences that no other human has ever experienced in a way that makes us a wholly unique, limited edition. 1 of 1. In that, we have an opportunity, an obligation, to honor the intention of a creator who envisioned greatness for each of us. Walking into that purpose, honoring the intention of our creator becomes an act of courage because of how it requires us each to venture into the unknown, away from our comfort zone, into spaces where our insecurities and fears live. You were made for extraordinary things, and the only way you’ll ever tap into them is by equipping yourself with the courage to stand fully in your truth. The courage to embrace who you need to become and the courage to leave behind who you’re evolving from. This night in a theater is meant to encourage you to be brave. To listen to your intuition, your knowing, the voice of God that lives inside of you, begging you to pay it attention. This night is an opportunity to sit in an audience of like-minded people who also hear the call, and want the encouragement and community to heed it.