Kabzaa (Telugu)

PG13 2 hrs 30 mins Foreign

In 1946, A brave freedom fighter Amareshwara gets killed by the British in Sangram Nagar. Tulasi devi, wife of Amareshwara, to protect their two kids Sankeshwara and Arkeshwara, moves to Amarapura. Despite all the difficulties she brings her children up as model citizens. Of the two children, the elder one Sankeshwara is brave like his father and the younger one Arkeshwara is soft-spoken and is afraid of blood and cruelty.
Due to unavoidable circumstances, the son of a freedom fighter and soft-spoken Arkeshwara gets trapped in the mafia world. He kills Khaleed, the don of Amarapura and thus begins the journey of Arkeshwara in the underworld. He starts the bloodbath which goes from South to North India. Anyone who stands against him gets killed and the rest becomes Arkeshwara’s subordinates and starts giving him protection money.
Arkeshwara rules the underworld of entire India from 1960 to 1984 by capturing all the mafia activities. He becomes the undisputed king of the underworld during that period and marks his trade in the Indian History.