Loyalty FAQs

Read through the below frequently asked questions to learn more about the Emagine rewards programs – Emagine Loyalty and Emagine Extras! If you don’t see your question listed below, please contact us and we’d love to help you.

A: To buy tickets online using your rewards, you need to log in on the website.  Then on the page where you select your tickets (Adult, Child, etc.), you should see an option for REWARDS tickets.  Click on that. You will have a choice of Loyalty ticket or Birthday Ticket. The birthday ticket option only works for the Extras program on or the 30 days that follow your birthday.  You will need to hit the verify button and then be able to hit next to select your seats and continue your purchase.

A: You do not need a loyalty card, we can look you up via email or phone number at any location.

If you would like a physical card and signed up online or in theatre, you just need to ask at box office the next time you come in.  They should be able to link it to your current account.

A: We offer loyalty programs to reward guests who choose to watch movies at Emagine as a token of appreciation for our valued guests. We found that we could enhance our current program with fewer restrictions and faster rewards, along with offering a “sequel” paid program for guests who seek more value and visit more often.

A: Your account is held under a primary phone number, and anyone with that information can earn and spend points on your account. Online access is granted by using your assigned account number and first creating a unique User ID and Password for your account. Once created, anyone with this information can access and update the account.

A: Yes. Member accounts that are combined will remain under one primary number. Combined accounts cannot be uncombined. Member offers will only apply to one account once combined.

A: Sign up at any location and pay $12.75 per year for an Extras account.  Members will receive a 30-day notice when their membership is about to expire, and after a 30-day grace period, Extras members who do not renew will default back into the Emagine Loyalty program.

A: Small pop and popcorn rewards can be upgraded to a larger size for a surcharge. They cannot be upgraded or replaced with other food or bar items.

A: Points never expire! If you were an Emagine Rewards member prior to July 27, 2015, your points and rewards as of this date are automatically moved into your new Emagine Loyalty account. Any earned Box Office & Concession rewards that were on your account prior to this date will remain on your Emagine Loyalty account until they are redeemed. Points earned before July 27, 2015 that did not qualify for a reward before that date, as well as points earned on July 28, 2015 and beyond are no longer split between box office and concession totals. These points will be listed on your account as Total Spend Points and will accumulate toward the point system for the Emagine Loyalty or Emagine Extras program.

A: Information on your account is never shared or sold. We do not store payment information. The more information you provide in your profile, the better we can create announcements and offers to benefit you! *Note- you must provide your birthdate in order to receive any birthday offers.

A: If points were not previously applied to your account for a transaction, they can be added on to your account by a manager with either a receipt or ticket stub.

A: Points cannot be exchanged for cash. If you purchased an Emagine Extras 1-year membership it can be returned same-day for a full refund. Beyond this, return requests must be requested in writing to loyalty@emagine-entertainment.com within the first 90-days. Returns are void if any membership rewards are spent from the account.

A: If you want to delete your account, email your request to loyalty@emagine-entertainment.com. If you simply wish to stop receiving emails, please UNSUBSCRIBE in the body of your most resent email from us.

A: Free movies are available for both PASS and NO PASS engagements, but they do not include charges for 3D, EMAX, DBOX, or Special Events. Point maximum awarded is 100 per account, per day. Only one reward can be applied per transaction. Multiple offers will not apply. Loyalty points & rewards may not be redeemed for cash.

Didn’t see an answer to your question in our Loyalty FAQs? Please contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.