Heavy Water

R | 95 min | BIOGRAPHY

Directed by Michael Oblowitz and produced by Red Bull Media House and All Edge Entertainment, Heavy Water follows big wave surfer Nathan Fletcher through the evolution of his surfing and his relationship with big waves. Tracing his lineage back to his grandfather, one of the pioneers of Oahu's North Shore, Fletcher and fellow surf and skateboard legends share stories of the pursuit of their passion. It's a voyage through the eyes of the surfing community that delves deep into the roots and mindset of board sports culture, culminating in a spectacular, never-before-performed stunt, as Fletcher once again attempts to raise the bar of what's possible. In addition to the film, there will be an exclusive behind the scenes look at the planning and execution of the “acid drop”. Also, Director Michael Oblowitz shares his experience on the filming of Heavy Water, and Herbie Fletcher talks story on the origins of tow-in surfing, describing its introduction to future legends of the discipline such as Laird Hamilton.

This movie is not yet showing.