Rachel Hollis Presents: Made for More-Encore

PG13 | 120 min | COMEDY/DRAMA

Are you ready for a GIRLS NIGHT OUT unlike anything you’ve experienced before? An uplifting mix of encouragement, community, laughs and kick-you-in-the-rear motivation that will have you ready to reach for more? Fresh off the success of her best-selling Girl, Wash Your Face, author, mama of four, CEO/founder of popular The Chic Site blog has been called “the Tony Robbins for women” and is taking the audience on an inside look at chasing the biggest of dreams. Rachel’s audacious belief that she’s here to change the world will inspire you to believe you can do the same. It’s that belief that had her start a live event series where women who don’t look the same, vote the same or act the same come together to be inspired, supported and enveloped in community – challenged to take the events of their past and see how the highs and lows, the trauma and triumph are the fire that forged each of us and now equip us all to be the person we were meant to be. Taking those tools and applying them to your future – believing you’re enough, that you can chase the biggest dreams – they’re all tackled in the documentary capturing the conquering of Rachel’s own fears and trusting her gut in the lead-up to her RISE event as well as an inside look into the two-day RISE event that have women walking away feeling changed forever. Wanted to attend one of these events but couldn’t? This is your chance to get a peek inside and then have a Q&A with Rachel after the show. Loved Girl, Wash Your Face and want to see how the live event series influenced the words in the acclaimed book? Haven’t heard of RISE or Girl, Wash Your Face but like the idea of a totally different girls night out? This is promised to be a night you and your girlfriends will never forget! New never before seen content from Rachel Hollis that will be a quick coaching seminar on a topic from her new book Girl, Stop Apologizing. It will also share how the audience will be able to access this information to purchase.

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