A Case For Love

PG13 1 hr 55 mins Documentary

A different kind of film, a different kind of story. A journey of exploration in troubling times. This is the first in a series of projects aimed at changing the national narrative of division.

“A Case for Love” is inspired by the teachings and writings of Bishop Michael Curry, most well-known for his passionate sermon about “The Power of Love” at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This documentary examines the question of whether or not love, specifically, unselfish love, is the solution to the extreme societal and political divide facing the world.

In the documentary, the film team travels across the US, interviewing everyday people from various walks of life and ethnicities, striving to live their lives selflessly. These stories are interwoven with hundreds of person-on-the-street interviews while well-known figures including Pete Buttigieg, Al Roker, Sam Waterston, John Meacham, Jim Clyburn and others weigh in on the subject. In the end, Bishop Michael Curry places what we’ve seen into context.

Subjects explored: Racial Justice, Sexual Identity, Military Service, Foster Care, Politics, Sexual Trafficking, Disability, Loss of Loved Ones, Refugees, Volunteering, Food Justice and more.

What’s the verdict on “A Case for Love”? Come watch and decide for yourself.