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Colors of Character

NR 1 hr 30 mins Special Event

The upcoming documentary “COLORS OF CHARACTER: An Artist’s Journey to
Redemption” shares the extraordinary journey of prolific artist Steve Skipper. With no formal
training, Skipper has broken down walls of racism in the world of fine art. God radically
saved Skipper when he was a member of a notorious Birmingham, Alabama, street gang
and immediately his life was transformed. Focused on his new-found faith and his talent for
painting, Skipper faithfully seized opportunities that only God could have provided and he
quickly began gaining notoriety in the sports world for his meticulous artistic style of
super-realism. Now, Skipper is continuing his journey, painting the stories of the pioneers of
the Civil Rights movement, including celebrating the pilgrimage of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
to Bimini, Bahamas where he wrote his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech. Recently his
work has become a part of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Belafonte’s collection and he is focused on
formal commissions from the Bart Starr Family and Ambassador Andrew J. Young.
COLORS OF CHARACTER shares interviews with key figures in Steve’s life, including sports
figures, faith leaders, and civil rights icons; details on his paintings and techniques; and his
powerful personal story of redemption.