Flint: Who Can You Trust?

NR 1 hr 54 mins Documentary

A breakdown in public trust and institutional racism are at the forefront of this definitive and chilling examination of one of the worst human-caused environmental disasters in American history, journalist/filmmaker Anthony Baxter (You’ve Been Trumped) goes beyond the headlines in Flint, Michigan, where a government poisoned its own citizens’ water supply, to show the complete breakdown of authority, public trust and faith in the truth itself.

Filmed over 5 years and long after the story was front page news, the film is full of new twists and turns.

With up to 70 lives lost, and thousands of children poisoned with lead, the human cost in Flint has been enormous. Yet, residents have not been compensated for the financial, medical, and psychological impact. The Supreme Court recently intervened, allowing Flint residents to sue state officials in the civil courts, though any settlements will likely still be years away. The Michigan government has spent over $30 million, both prosecuting and defending state officials, yet no one has gone to jail.

FLINT is a powerful investigation of the breathtaking scope of toxic pseudo-science, celebrity activism, and official negligence as well as the devastating impact it had on poor people and people of color which make up the majority of the residents in Flint as they continue to seek justice and clean water. Featuring Marc Ruffalo and narrated by Alec Baldwin. Produced by Richard Phinney and Sabrina Schmidt Gordon.