Killer Crocodile {1989}

PG13 1 hr 30 mins Adventure

More than a decade after Spielberg’s blockbuster JAWS, a dream team of shock maestros – including producer-turned-director Fabrizio De Angelis (DR. BUTCHER M.D.), screenwriter Dardano Sacchetti (DEMONS), gore guru Giannetto De Rossi (ZOMBIE, THE BEYOND), and Oscar-nominated composer Riz Ortolani (CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST) – created one of the most ridiculously entertaining JAWS rip-offs in ItaloSleaze history. When a humongous crocodile begins chomping on a tropical island community, a group of idealistic young environmentalists will clash with a crusty redneck hunter to destroy the monster reptile spawned by toxic waste. A Crocsploitation classic, now scanned in 2k from the original negative!

Restoration courtesy of Severin Films and the American Genre Film Archive.