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Emagine’s High Roller Rooms in Royal Oak, MI and Batavia, IL!

Experience the High Roller Room in Emagine Royal Oak, where elegance meets excitement. This private haven boasts a stylish bar, high-quality pool table, and four luxurious bowling lanes, promising to leave your guests captivated and eager for more.

Meanwhile, Emagine Batavia ups the ante with Duckpin Social bowling in its High Roller Room. Alongside a full-service bar, shuffleboard, and enthralling video games, you’ll find four innovative Brunswick Duckpin Social lanes. The mesmerizing Spark, a first-of-its-kind interactive scoring experience, engulfs players in a unique bowling adventure. With smaller bowling balls, no shoe rentals, and three rolls per frame, Duckpin Social transforms your bowling experience.

At Emagine’s High Roller Rooms in Royal Oak and Batavia, luxury meets excitement. It’s time to roll out the red carpet for you and your guests