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Bloody Birthday {1981}

R 1 hr 25 mins Horror

By gun. By arrow. By cake. Bye-bye!!!!

THE BAD SEED meets HALLOWEEN in this deliciously twisted slasher directed by Candian wizard Ed Hunt (THE BRAIN, DIARY OF A SINNER, STARSHIP INVASIONS) and starring the charismatic Lori Lethin (RETURN TO HORROR HIGH, THE DAY AFTER.)

Mixing the killer-kid subgenre with elements of the then-booming slice-and-dice movie, BLOODY BIRTHDAY shocks and appalls with its scenes of young children shooting, strangling and bludgeoning their way through the local population. They sure don’t make them like this anymore.

Debbie, Curtis and Steven may seem cute as buttons, but their angelic facade conceals the wicked, murderous streak bestowed upon them by having all been born under the same solar eclipse. With the grown-ups around them blissfully unaware of their homicidal tendencies, the evil brats bump off the adults one-by-one.