Enter the Clones of Bruce

PG13 1 hr 40 mins Documentary

When martial arts superstar Bruce Lee died in 1973, the world went into shock. Despite his minuscule filmography, he broke down international barriers and became an icon. So, what happens when an actor and artist at the height of their career is no longer able to fill the vast demand for his talents? In the ‘70s and ‘80s, an entire subgenre dedicated to filling that void was born.

Filled with incredible footage, Enter the Clones of Bruce tracks the history of the infamous Bruceploitation subgenre through the eyes of those who created it. The titular clones of the era, like Ho Chung-tao (Bruce Li) and Moon Kyung-seok (Dragon Lee), share their own perceptions outside of their alter egos in fascinating interviews, along with infamous filmmakers (B-movie fans will get a kick out of Godfrey Ho’s appearance) and Bruceploitation scholars. Regardless of any participant’s skill set or their relationship with the real Lee, their stories beg the same question: what is the line between paying respect to an icon and exploiting their legacy? And how much fun can the audience have watching?