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Florian's Knights

NR 1 hr 44 mins Special Event

From the impact of 9/11, to the front lines of the opioid crisis in Vancouver and Toronto, and across the bridge to the arson epidemic in Detroit, Florian’s Knights travel to the darkest pits of the human experience. The real traumas of firefighting are exposed in ways never-before-seen.

As the Florian’s Knights full patch motorcycle club, the freedom felt on two wheels is the unifying force that has inspired these firefighters from across North America. Standing behind their bike, they speak truth against the stigma of first responder mental health. Depression, substance abuse, and suicide. Issues that have been swept under the rug for generations. For these Florian’s Knights… The motorcycle is their medicine and vehicle for a changed perspective.

On June 5th, 2018, the entire future of the Florian’s Knights MC faced abolition. Founding member Nick Elmes, an Active Duty Vancouver Firefighter, was photographed posing next to several members of the notorious Outlaw motorcycle gang, The Hells Angels. In a media storm that cost Nick his reputation and job, the greater vision and validity of the Florian’s Knights is challenged and put under international scrutiny.

On the heels of this explosive case, the Florian’s Knights and its remaining members are thrusted into a ride or die face off against the stigmas of “Biker Culture”. Outlaw Gangs, the Sons of Anarchy, and Easy Rider bring a damning image to the public. The Florian’s Knights set themselves on a collision course to grapple with that perception and fight for justice. Experts from around the world, including a groundbreaking study from UCLA, participate alongside the Florian’s Knights in what is the first joint mental health exploration of firefighting and biker culture.

How can these two communities co-exist? Will the answer help reverse decades of stigma?

Can a motorcycle club truly heal?