PG13 1 hr 49 mins Special Event

American electronic duo Harrison Mills & Clayton Knight, known as ODESZA, rose to success in the mid-2010’s and quickly established themselves as a popular touring act playing to their passionate legion of fans as festival headliners alongside the likes of Lizzo, Kendrick Lamar and Foo Fighters.

Their latest album, ‘The Last Goodbye,’ was nominated for Best Dance / Electronic Album at the 2023 GRAMMYS, raising the bar for the electronica genre and earning acclaim from Billboard who praised its “lush soundscapes, grandiose moments and productions that are equally complex and emotive,” the Associated Press who called it “an indescribable, immersive listening experience”, and Pitchfork who proclaim ODESZA “have found themselves at their most introspective just as they’re primed to make a bigger splash on the stage than ever before.”

Join us on July 7 for a cinematic journey of their touchstone album and discover why ODESZA has catapulted as one of the most popular contemporary musical forces today and a must-see attraction that is headlining major festival stages across the globe.