Surf Nazis Must Die {1987}

R 1 hr 23 mins Action

“Pure Troma fun and sleaze.” – Gabriel Jewett, LETTERBOXD

Restoration courtesy of Troma Entertainment and the American Genre Film Archive.

Welcome to California, where the beaches have become battlefields and the waves are a war zone! In the near future, a major earthquake has devastated the California coastline. As the survivors attempt to put their lives back together, a new, more terrifying threat erupts. The once beautiful beaches are now ruled by ruthless gangs . . . and the gangs are ruled by the dreaded Surf Nazis! Only one person is powerful enough to stop them. And as long as she’s alive, the Surf Nazis Must Die! With one of the greatest titles in movie history, this courageous saga of a mother’s undying love and devotion and quest for justice becomes a tidal wave of action and destruction, filled with the passion of perverted romance! Book it today!