The Boogey Man {1980}

R 1 hr 22 mins Horror

If you love to see haunted mirrors eviscerate priests, this is your movie. A collaboration between director Lommel and writer-star Suzanna Love, THE BOOGEY MAN is a classic haunted house story coated in the awkward pizzazz of a low-budget slasher. The story follows Lacey (Love), a woman who finds herself at a crossroads as she deals with past trauma, family drama, and a very haunted house. With telekinetic gore-slayings and surprisingly perverted twists, the movie plays out like AMITYVILLE HORROR meets HALLOWEEN as directed by Lucio Fulci’s third cousin. Add the finest bedroom synthesizer soundtrack of all time (courtesy “Synthe-Sound-Trax”) and you’re guaranteed 80 minutes of gentle slasher angst.