THE DEAD NEXT DOOR including live in person Q&A

NR 1 hr 18 mins Horror

Cinema of the Macabre is proud to present a very special screening of THE DEAD NEXT DOOR with the legendary filmmaker J.R. BOOKWALTER live in person for a special Q&A!
One of the most notorious DIY zombie films ever made, this shot on Super 8 splatter fest shows more ingenuity and style than you get with most films but at a fraction of the budget. Anonymously bankrolled by Sam Raimi under the name “The Master Cylinder” and features dubbing work by the Deadite dismemberer himself, Bruce Campbell! Expect an overwhelming onslaught of DIY gore gags, zombie puppets, and countless homages to films that inspired these young filmmakers to pursue their dreams of making a feature length zombie film all their own. Even if it was going to take them 4 years to get it made. This special event will be preceded by a pop up VHS swap in the lobby of the theater!