The Slumber Party Massacre {1982} 40th Anniversary

R 1 hr 17 mins Horror

“A top tier 1980s slasher that hits all those sweet spots.”
— belial_carboni, LETTERBOXD

Amy Holden Jones turned down an editing job on E.T. to direct this movie. She made the right choice. Written as a commentary on the inherent sexism of slashers by feminist icon Rita Mae Brown (but shot completely straight), THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE is a terrific inside joke that also delivers the goods as a skid row photocopy of Halloween — complete with a killer who gets figuratively castrated when the tip of his power drill is hacked off. With its stylized photography, plot points that involve pizza, and endlessly cool homemade synth score, THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE is a drop-dead masterpiece of subversive trash-horror.