Every Wednesday night we’ll be presenting cinema classics and cult favorites from back in the day for only $5!

Featured Films

Life {1999} poster image

Life {1999}

R 1 hr 48 mins
In 1932, two strangers are wrongfully convicted and develop a strong friendship in prison that lasts them through the 20th century.
Black Dynamite {2009} poster image

Black Dynamite {2009}

R 1 hr 24 mins
Black Dynamite is the greatest African-American action star of the 1970s. When his only brother is killed by The Man, it’s up to him...
Selma (2015) poster image

Selma (2015)

PG13 2 hrs 07 mins
A chronicle of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s campaign to secure equal voting rights via an epic march from Selma to Montgomery,...
Hoodlum {1997} poster image

Hoodlum {1997}

R 2 hrs 10 mins
Black gangsters in 1930 Harlem fights Dutch Schultz who is trying to horn in on their numbers racket.